Sears Guardian Plan

As you know, your heating and cooling system uses more energy than any other appliance in your home.  So, it’s very important to maintain these units with professional cleanings and check-ups.

If you have any questions, or would like to pay over the phone, please call 475-1800.



SEARS Safety & Efficiency Agreement


You get a professional tune up of both your heating and cooling system.

Includes a carbon monoxide test at the heating tune up.


You get priority service – a technician will usually be at your home within 24 hours.


Includes thermocouple/flame sensor, 1” disposable air filter & coil cleaner.

Discount of 15% on parts and labor on every repair – no matter what time it is!!!

Two-year warranty on new parts & labor with an active contract.

No diagnostic fees during regular hours; $50 for nights, weekends and holidays





YOUR MONTHLY ENERGY COSTS ARE REDUCED – a well-maintained and clean system will operate more efficiently and use less energy.

PEACE OF MIND – You know your equipment is well maintained and operating efficiently.

YOU SAVE MONEY – Receive substantial savings on maintenance checks and repair calls.

EXTENDS EQUIPMENT LIFE – like your car, your heating/cooling system will last longer if it is periodically tuned up.

REDUCED BREAKDOWNS – Well-maintained equipment has fewer problems.

CONVENIENCE – We will remind you when it is time to schedule your seasonal inspections.

PRIORITY SERVICE – Your system will be operating and providing comfort without long delays.

*LOYALTY CREDIT – Earn $50/year credit to be used for the installation of a new Sears Heating furnace, air conditioner or heat pump.   This credit can be donated to a charity or friend for the same purpose.






  1. Check thermostat and subbase.
  2. Clean and check the heat exchanger.
  3. Clean and check the burners.
  4. Clean and adjust the pilot or ignition system.
  5. Replace thermocouple or flame sensor
  6. Check flue, vent & chimney base.
  7. Check all safety controls.
  8. Replace 1” filter.  Media filters are extra.
  9. Check gas valve for proper gas pressure.
  10. Check blower and inducer motor.  Get amp draw of motors.  Check belt(s) and replace  if needed.  Oil motors if needed.
  11. Check temperature rise.
  12. Check for carbon monoxide.
  1. Check refrigerant pressure.
  2. Check compressor.
  3. Check amp draw of condenser fan

motor and compressor.

  1. Check starting contactor.
  2. Check relay.
  3. Check thermostat and subbase.
  4. Check fuses.
  5. Clean condensing coil.
  6. Check condensate drain.
  7. Check temperature drop.
  8. Clean out condenser of all debris.
Includes air condition ‘checks’ plus

  1. Check reversing valve.
  2. Check defrost timer.
  3. Check safety controls
  4. Check sequencers.
  5. Check strip heat or elements.  (Get amp draw of each.)

Note:  Condensing coil only cleaned at air conditioning check.

In addition to the appropriate checks above:

  1. Replace nozzle and oil filter.
  2. Set electrodes
  3. Adjust air mixture.
  4. Check primary control.

Note:  Since the condition of the oil is unknown we cannot guarantee the filter or the nozzle.





SEARS Guardian Plan $169.00

Oil furnace add $55.00.  Pricing is available if you have more than one furnace or air conditioner.         

Add Humidifier for $29.00 one per year

 Add EAC for $59.00 two cleanings per year

 Add Media filter (SpaceGard, Honeywell, Airbear, Aprilaire, etc) for $49.00 one per year

Check or credit card is acceptable for yearly agreements


 NEW!!!  SEARS Guardian Plan for $15 per month* 

Oil furnaces add $5 ($20 total). Call for pricing if you have more than one furnace or air conditioner.   Credit card only.


-Same benefits as yearly plan

-Low monthly payments

-No need to renew annually